10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Kitkat Chocolatory, Ikebukuro

If you are looking for an idea for souvenirs to bring back home from Japan, you may just need to go to Ikebukuro. Everyone loves Kitkat and Japan has brought Kitkat to a new level by opening the world's first Kitkat boutique in 2014 at Seibu Ikebukurohonten, Kitkat Chocolatory. This is the place where you can find all the limited edition fancy Kitkat in Japan.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Kitkat Chocolatory, Ikebukuro

I find that Kitkat Chocolatory sells the fancier-looking Kitkat, which is not the same as the ones that you easily find at convenience stores or supermarkets. The taste and the packaging are so different from the normal Kitkat. I believe it will make such a fine gift to bring back home. For instance, these lovely Kitkat boxes are fruity Kitkat bars and they come in strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, lemon ad apple. If they are not that heavy, I would probably have bought one for myself. LOL.

Fruity Kitkat Bar at Kitkat Chocolatory Ikebukuro

But if you'd rather buy individual boxes, Kitkat Chocolatory has the special flavour chocolates. This one comes in Ginger. Ginger Kitkat, wow. It tastes not bad, surprisingly, and this remark comes from someone who don't really like to eat ginger. Other than ginger, Kitkat Chocolatory offers other fancy flavour like green tea and kinoko, cream cheese, butter, sweet plum (ume) and strawberry maple. Not sure if the taste will be fixed because it seems that Kitkat Chocolatory is the store which sells experimental flavour for its Kitkat.

Ginger Kitkat at Kitkat Chocolatory Ikebukuro

I will show you one of the Kitkat small box which I bought to see how it looks like inside the box. One small box of Kitkat contains 4 small pieces of Kitkat. Let's pick the Strawberry Maple flavour. 

Strawberry Maple Kitkat at Kitkat Chocolatory Ikebukuro

This is how the box looks like from the side. By the way, did you know that the Japanese loves Kitkat so much up to the point a whopping of 500 Kitkat boxes (I assume this small baby here) are sold on the first day of the opening? Crazy, eh? Anyway, let's open the box, shall we?

Strawberry Maple Kitkat at Tokyo Japan

The inside of the Kitkat box is very lovely. It was so nice up to the point I only gave my Kitkat away to those people which I really care. Hahaha.

Strawberry Maple Kitkat

I did not really remember the price for each box (pardon my ignorance as I came with a mission to just buy whatever flavor I saw). Some reviews on the internet mention that the price for each box (small) starts from 324 Japanese Yen though.

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