10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Mount Komagatake, Hakone

When we have reached the top of Mt Komagatake, we were quite surprised as there is nothing growing here except for some dry grass. A lava flow in this area has hardened and hence, there are not plants that can grow well here. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Mount Komagatake, Hakone

The very first view that you see at the ropeway station is the view of Lake Ashinoko from the top. Really beautiful indeed. There is a viewing platform to stand so you don't have to take the picture of scenery from a dangerous spot. 

Lake Ashinoko Hakone Japan

The next view which you will see when you step out from the ropeway station is a red shrine and red gate against the blue sky. You can go and visit the shrine but you need to do a little bit of walking up there. 

Mount Komagatake Shrine at Hakone Japan

There are some stones which are left over up here. I wonder if they are supposed to be used to build something originally. 

Rocks at the top of Mount Komagatake Japan

Even though the top of Mount Komagatake looks like a deserted place, the pathway leading to the shrine is really well maintained. 

Pathway at the top of Mount Komagatake

From the pathway, you can take picture of Mount Fuji in the backdrop. You just need to be patient and take turn with fellow visitors when you are up here, I guess. 

The view of Mount Fuji from Mount Komagatake

However, the best place to take picture with Mount Fuji lies up ahead on the open area. When the weather is super bright, it may not be easy to catch the white top of Mount Fuji though. I don't know why but my Samsung camera tend to wash the background and focus on me instead. Oh well, I wonder if the #beautyfunction is at fault here. LOL.

The top of Mount Komagatake Hakone Japan

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