10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Night Time Shopping at Harajuku, Tokyo

I was an avid manga reader (okay, I should use the word "is" since I still love reading manga until now) when I was young. There is this manga telling a story about the life of teenagers which revolved around her and her friends' daily life spent in Harajuku. The impression given in the manga about Harajuku is that Harajuku is really strong in style-game. It's the center of Japan's fashion styles. So since my travelling buddy and I wanted to do some shopping too that night, we took the subway ride to Meiji-jingumae 'Harajuku" Station. 

Meijijingumae Harajuku Station

Harajuku is still lively despite the fact that it is already 8.30PM on a Thursday night. Japanese stays pretty late on the street every day, especially in big city like Tokyo. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Night Time Shopping at Harajuku, Tokyo

You can actually reach Harajuku by walking from Omotesando but we were too lazy that night. As you can see from the picture below, a lot of high street fashion brands set up a huge store here in Harajuku. For instance, there is the four storeys high Forever 21. 

Forever 21 at Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Right across the street, there is a three storeys high H&M. All of these stores invest pretty big in lighting game. After all, nobody would bother to visit those dim fashion stores I suppose.

H&M at Harajuku Tokyo Japan

If you prefer to shop Japanese fashion, you should make your way to Laforet Harajuku. The shopping centre is located strategically at the junction of Omotesando and Meiji Shrine. Laforet Harajuku is huge and it contains a lot of small boutiques selling Japanese-style clothes and accessories. If you are looking for some kind of lolita, gothic or other eccentric fashion, you may be able to find your things here in Laforet. 

Laforet Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania is one of the brand opening a store at Laforet. If you watched an anime called "Nana" before, you will recognise this brand straight away as this is the fashion and accessories brand which is loved by one of the main character, which is a singer in a rock band. The anime itself is so good, I am thinking of re-watching it someday. 

Vivienne Westwood Store in Laforet Harajuku Tokyo

There is another shopping mall which is loved by the Japanese youths and it is called YM Square Harajuku. Oh my goodness, even Charles & Keith has opened a store here in Harajuku. Not bad eh, Charles & Keith? (fyi, Charles & Keith is a Singapore brand shoe store). 

YM Square Harajuku at Tokyo Japan

Most of the stores in Harajuku open until around 9PM so if you don't know where to go at night in Tokyo, you can make your way to Harajuku and enjoy some shopping time. 

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