10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Osawa View Point, Mt Fuji

When you see a postcard of Mt Fuji, high chance you will see Mt Fuji covered in white snow. Mt Fuji is always drawn in that way because it experiences 9 months winter and 3 months summer. Visitors like to climb Mt Fuji when the official climbing season starts in early July to mid September. There are no more snow in those months and this makes hiking way easier. If you visit Mt Fuji in March like what we did, you can probably only make your way up to the 4th station because the higher station is covered in snow and closed for public. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Osawa View Point, Mt Fuji

Since we has just visited a heritage site which is equipped with souvenir store, we bought for ourselves a few snacks. When you are in Japan, do try this snack called Galbo mini. It comes in various flavor but the green tea tastes pretty good. 

Green Tea Galbo Mini

If you would like to buy cute souvenir, you can buy the keychain of Mt Fuji which is decorated with cute doll wearing kimono. 

Souvenir from Mt Fuji Japan

When we reached 4th Station of Mt Fuji, we could see some snow. The weather is way cooler up here compared to downtown Tokyo. 

Snow on Mt Fuji Japan

There are so many viewing points at 4th Station of Mt Fuji so it really depends on the tour provider. Japanican brought us to Osawa View Point. The view point seems to be one of those popular viewpoints amongst tourists. 

On the way to Osawa View Point at Mt Fuji Japan

There is a reserved parking area especially for cars and buses at every view point. 

Osawa Parking View Point at Mt Fuji Japan

To be honest with you, Mt Fuji may look more attractive from afar. But on a clear day, the view of the surrounding mountain area around Mt Fuji is pretty nice to look at too. After all, being stuck in the city, we don't see this kind of view everyday, do we?

The beautiful scenery from Osawa View Point at Mt Fuji Japan

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