10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Soup Stock Tokyo, Shinjuku

When you travel to Tokyo, there may be those days when you try to fit every activity in one day and you only have time to have your dinner late at night. The good thing about staying in Shinjuku area is...there are still a lot of food places which are opened for business till late. During out night food hunt, we stumbled into this cute donut store. 

Cute Cat Donuts in Shinjuku Tokyo

The donuts are so popular, we could only get our the pink donuts. I nearly did not have the heart to eat them, really. Hahaha.

Cute Cat Donut Store in Shinjuku Tokyo

Donuts alone would not be able to satisfy my need for food. So, we explored further deep in Shinjuku Station and we found Soup Stock Tokyo at one corner of the station. We have Soup Stock Tokyo too in Singapore but I have not had the chance to try it yet. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Soup Stock Tokyo, Shinjuku

Anyway since the restaurant is originated from Japan, why don't we just try it here? Hehe. There are so many interesting flavor to pick from.

Soup Stock Tokyo Japan Menu

At the end I chose Hokkaido Cod Cream Stew because it looks so good. The server offers to add nori to the soup and yeah, why not? The nori goes well with the cream stew. I basically love all cream soup so the Hokkaido Cod Cream Stew is not an exception.

Hokkaido Cod Cream Stew at Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

You can go for a combo of drinks and soup at 830 Japanese Yen which I think it's considerably pretty good deal compared to those food they sell in restaurants in Tokyo. You can choose iced chocolate too for the drink. 

Soup and Drink Set at Soup Stock Tokyo Japan

Suddenly I am a fan of Soup Stock Tokyo. I hope the one in Singapore is as good as the original one in Tokyo. 

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