10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Taking a Break at Pink Cafe, Universal Studios Japan

The problem with coming to Universal Studios Japan on one of its peak period (i.e. school holiday, festive period, etc) is when you are tired of walking around and yet, there is nowhere to sit. All the benches are occupied, the restaurants are full and you start to wander around aimlessly just to find a place to sit for a while.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Taking a Break at Pink Cafe, Universal Studios Japan

Saw a dragon along the way which seems to come from inside one of the popular games in Japan. I don't mind sitting on a dragon but I don't think the park guard will let me do so.

Dragon Statue at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

Sitting on a roller coaster looks fun too but the problem is, you need to stand for probably at least two hours to be able to sit there for less than 5 minutes. 

Roller Coaster Ride at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

In the middle of our wandering, we saw a place which looks very girly from outside. It's apparently a cafe which is named after its theme, Pink Cafe. Miraculously, we found a place to sit in this Pink Cafe. We don't care about the thing that Pink Cafe sells as long as we can get a seat. We actually sat for a good 5 - 10 minutes before wondering what does Pink Cafe actually sell. 

Pink Cafe at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

There is a Baskin Robbins, a popular ice cream chain from the US. Baskin Robbins is not that popular in Singapore but they do have a lot of stores in Jakarta, so I am quite familiar with the ice cream parlour. In fact, I used to love their chocolate chip cookies ice cream the most when I was little. Baskin Robbins in Japan though, sells a lot of flavours which I have never seen before in my life. I chose the wacky green Tutti Frutti while my friend chose mango strawberry ice cream. 

Baskin Robbins at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

We perked up after happily eating our share of ice cream. Baskin Robbins does taste yummy wherever they are located. We came out from the cafe and randomly saw a stall selling cute balloons. I was tempted to get myself a Snoopy balloon, really.

Character balloons at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

And that's when Hello Kitty, the most famous cat in the world I tell you, came out to make an appearance. The fans of this famous character are mostly school girls. They really follow Hello Kitty everywhere oh my goodness. This kinda makes taking picture with Hello Kitty a bit of a challenge because despite the worldwide impression that the Japanese is the master of queuing in an orderly line, the same culture does not apply when you are taking picture with a character in Japanese theme park. 

Hello Kitty Photo with Character at Universal Studios Japan

If you have kids, they may come in handy in this time of needs. The characters tend to prioritize taking pictures with kids compared to adults. #utilizeallmeans

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