10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Tokyo Tower's Souvenir Store

If you are looking for souvenirs from Tokyo Tower, you should visit level 5 of the tower. You can find a lot of souvenirs from the inedible to the edible ones. For a start there is a lamp in the shape of Tokyo Tower. Somehow, this has a slight resemblance to the traffic cone in certain ways. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Tokyo Tower's Souvenir Store

You can also see the smaller replica of Tokyo Tower, which I don't think is for sale, actually. 

Tokyo Tower Miniature Japan

If you are a collector of nanoblock, this may be a number 1 thing to buy in your list, a huge Tokyo Tower in nanoblock version. Cool, right? The price is not that friendly though. U_U.

Tokyo Tower Giant Nanoblock

If you prefer something edible, how about some open hearts from Tokyo? I suppose they are cookies. Colorful cookies in the shape of heart to be exact. 

Tokyo Open Heart at Tokyo Tower Japan

Some chocolate cookies. The packaging looks really good, really.

Chocolate cookies at Tokyo Tower Japan

Everybody's favourite, Tokyo Banana. If your flight back home is still a long way from your visit to Tokyo Tower, it's better for you to buy them in the airport though. Tokyo Banana has a quite short shelf life. 

Tokyo Banana at Tokyo Tower Japan

There is a strawberry cake from Ginza which looks pretty similar to Tokyo Banana. The only difference it seems to have from Tokyo Banana is the strawberry stamp on the sponge cake and the filling. Tokyo Banana usually has either custard or chocolate cream as the filling while the Strawberry Cake from Ginza has..well, strawberry cream, which supposedly made from real strawberry. 

Strawberry Cake from Ginza Tokyo Tower Japan

Do give them a try if you'd like. =)

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