10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to New York, Universal Studios Japan

Hello! Let's continue on our adventure in Universal Studios Japan, shall we? If you visit Universal Studios Japan around end of March, you will see some Easter decoration although there are not as prominent as Christmas'. 

Easter at Universal Studios Japan

After that mad dash to secure timed ticket to enter Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we were ready to explore the other areas of Universal Studios Japan. First, welcome to New York! Universal Studios does bring New York closer to the other part of the world. I have not had the chance to travel to New York yet and hence, I have totally no idea how authentic USJ's recreation of New York. But still, it is quite a fun feat to wander in "New York". 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to New York, Universal Studios Japan

Subway's entrance which...leads nowhere. XD

New York Subway Entrance at USJ

New York area in Universal Studios Japan is the perfect area to take a lot of pictures. Not many people are flocking to this area in the morning as they are busy queuing for the rides and attractions. I was able to take picture easily without being photobombed by so many people. 

Taking pictures at New York at USJ

The mandatory big yellow taxi shot. 

Big Yellow Taxi at Universal Studios Japan

Oldies record emporium. By the way, if you go to a store called Wonder Pix, you will have the opportunity to transform into an actor/ actress and come away with a fantastic photo like a scene from the movie. We had no chance to try this as we were rushing for time, but, if you have spare time, do give it a try. Sounds interesting, really. 

New York Record Store in USJ

And here we are, at the main reason of why there were no other people photobombing my photo earlier. Everyone was rushing to the Amazing Spiderman ride. Don't let the queue overwhelm you with fear though. 

The Amazing Spiderman Ride at USJ

If you don't mind splitting with your buddy for a while, you can go for the single-rider queue. You can still queue together with your buddy. It's just when it's time to board the car, you will be seated together with three other riders. I ended up sitting with three school boys while my buddy sat with three school girls. It was quite a funny experience. Once the ride ended, you will be led to the souvenir store where the cute Spidey merchandises are sold. ^^

Cute Spiderman's merchandise at Universal Studios Japan

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