10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to Universal Studios Japan!

If you are a theme park lover, you must not miss out Universal Studios Japan when you visit Osaka. Universal Studios Japan is one of the four Universal Studios owned by NBC Universal which is located around the world. One of them is in Singapore too, by the way. Before reaching the main entrance of the theme park, we had to walk through a series of restaurants and souvenir stores. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to Universal Studios Japan!

If you are a One Piece lover, there is one official store of One Piece here to. However, I think the biggest One Piece themed store is currently located at Tokyo Tower, where the One Piece Theme Park is located. 

One Piece Store in Universal Studios Japan

After walking through those buildings, we finally saw the entrance to Universal Studios Japan. The theme park is very crowded as we visited the park during one of its peak season. It is highly recommended to purchase your tickets beforehand. If you reside in Singapore, you can pre-purchase your ticket at JTB outlet in Ngee Ann City. 

Main gate of Universal Studios Japan

Before entering the theme park, it is a must to take picture with the Universal Studios Globe. Hahaha. I did that in Singapore too (many times actually). As you can see, I am so ready to enrol into Hogwarts. 

Universal Studios Globe at Universal Studios Japan

One day ticket to Universal Studios Japan costs 7,400 Japanese Yen (with tax). That is equivalent to USD 66. I guess theme park is not a cheap attraction, really. Universal Studios Singapore has roughly the same price for its admission ticket. The website mentions that Universal Express Pass is available for purchase only at the theme park itself. However, we did not know how early we must come in order to secure this passes and as we expected, there were no more passes for sale when we arrived. For your information, we arrived at 9AM, you see. 

Entrance to Universal Studios Japan

Oh well, without Express Passes, life must goes on and so is our adventure in Universal Studios Japan. Our adventure starts from Hollywood area. We have not visited the real Hollywood yet so I guess this one will do for now. Hahaha.

Hollywood at Universal Studios Japan

If you love to take pictures with the characters, you will face some stiff competition in Japan. I find that there are two fiercest competitors for photo-taking session with characters. One group is the Japanese schoolgirls while the other is the Japanese children. Surprisingly, there is hardly any proper queue for photo taking as everybody's busy asking Snoopy for his attention (and pictures). Crazy stuff. 

Photo taking with characters in Universal Studios Japan

I should probably invest my time in queuing for the ride instead of fighting for Snoopy's attention. But, I guess everyone has different priority in theme park. Hehe. 

And yeah, the Japanese school girls do wear their uniform when they go visit theme park. Can't blame them though. Their uniform is cute. <3

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