13D12N Australia Trip: From the Airport to Hyde Park, Sydney

Two months ago, my friend and I went on a spontaneous birthday trip to Australia. Main reason? Simply because there were a promotion from Singapore Airlines and our return flights from Singapore to Sydney only costs 700 SGD. In addition, back then SGD is as strong as AUD (and even stronger by a bit). Not like now, unfortunately. The first thing that you need to do once you have reached the Arrival terminal of Sydney International Airport is to buy a SIM card. We know that we want to get SIM card from OPTUS so we just look for this big yellow sign and join the queue. 

13D12N Australia Trip: From the Airport to Hyde Park, Sydney

We took the AUD 2 a day which enable us to us 500 MB of data a day. This is good enough for browsing and using Google Maps. I did not use my data to watch movie though. And there is WIFI at my accommodation so if you have the similar usage, 500 MB should be enough for you too.

Optus SIM card in Sydney Australia

For the first time in my life, I booked my accommodation at airbnb. This means, this is the first time I decided to spend the night at someone's house. To tell you the truth, I feel kinda nervous because this is what you see when you alight from the cab. Is this an office or an apartment? 

Apartment in Surry Hills at Hyde Park Sydney Australia

Thankfully, the inside of the room is pretty much like what the listing describe in airbnb's website. If you are looking for an accommodation in Surry Hills area in Sydney, you can look for Scott. Well, his bed sheet is pretty much distinguishable so you'll be able to find one of his listings pretty much easily in airbnb's website. The elevator inside this building is kinda...nerve-wrecking in a way though. Hahaha.

Airbnb Accommodation in Surry Hills Sydney Australia

After listening to Scott's briefing for a while and dealing with some administration matter, we left our luggages and ready to explore the city. In Sydney, you can still basically post your advert on a lighting pole. This is a big no no in Singapore. Hahaha.

Service Advert in Surry Hills Sydney Australia

Our first destination for the day is the oldest public park in Australia, Hyde Park. The rectangular park was named after the original Hyde Park in London. The park is close to the CBD area of Sydney. I bet a lot of office workers are going here for their morning or evening walk. 

Cannon Memorial at Hyde Park Sydney Australia

Not many people in sight when we visited the park around 3 - 4PM on a Friday. The weather was crazy hot that day. We heard that Sydney was never as hot as 33 degrees celcius in late February before. The sun is Australia has a pretty high UV index, so don't forget your sunblock and sunnies. 

Hyde Park in Sydney Australia

At Hyde Park's southern end, we saw the ANZAC War Memorial. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps which participated in the World War I. There suppose to be a lake right behind the memorial, but the Lake of Reflections was currently being renovated when we visited. Oh well. 

ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park Sydney Australia

Hyde Park is located within walking distance from Surry Hills. This means that Sydney CBD is pretty close to Surry Hills too. Really a convenient area to consider for your stay in Sydney. 

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