A Rare Chinese Feast, Paradise Inn Marina Bay Link

If you feel like eating Chinese food but don't know where to go in Singapore, you should try Paradise Inn. The restaurant adopts the traditional concept of a Chinese inn with a modern twist. In short, diners should feel like they are eating in a Chinese traditional inn minus the rowdy drunken guests I suppose. I got a S$20 voucher to use if I manage to spend $50 in one bill. For this mission, I summon my fellow hungry monster and together, we have reached our destination at Paradise Inn Marina Bay Link. From what we ordered, I think our bill would have passed $50 for sure. #totalglutton

A Rare Chinese Feast, Paradise Inn Marina Bay Link

Paradise Inn offers a lot of different variety of Chinese teas. They even list down the benefit of each selection in the menu. I ordered Rose Chinese Tea which supposedly good for your digestion function (okay, most of them are good to be honest with you). The Chinese Tea comes in beautiful tea pot and it is really filled with a lot of flower petals, which brings the fragrance of the tea to the new level.

Rose Chinese Tea at Paradise Inn Marina Bay Link

If you love eating hot plate dishes, you should go for the minced meat hot plate tofu. It can be quite filling though as tofu is a pretty filling dish. 

Tofu Hot Plate at Paradise Inn Marina Bay Link

A combination of tomato and scrambled eggs. Super yummy.

Tomato Scrambled Egg at Paradise Inn Marina Bay Link

Nothing can go wrong with egg fried rice. 

Fried Rice at Paradise Inn MBFC

My favourite Chinese dish since young, Prawn Mayonnaise. I never say it is healthy though. Hahaha. The outer crispy cracker bowl can be eaten too. 

Prawn Mayonnaise at Paradise Inn Marina Bay Link

If you don't like eating in a crowded place, you can consider visiting Paradise Inn branch at Marina Bay Link as the restaurant is really deserted on a Sunday afternoon. Okay, "deserted" may not be a good choice of word but you get my idea. =P

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