Dapper Coffee, Amoy Street

Dapper: (adjective) 

(typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing. 

To be honest with you, I never thought Dapper is a name for cafe since by definition, it suits more as the name of a tailor. But turns out Dapper is a sleek cafe located in the row of shop-houses at Amoy Street in Telok Ayer area. My best friend, Y, which I haven't met for a while agreed to go here for lunch as she remembers Dapper serves nice coffee. What you can expect from lunch at Dapper (note: there are more sandwiches and salad menu at the back of this page):

Dapper Coffee, Amoy Street

The weather is crazy hot these past few weeks so I need to refresh myself with a sip a glass of Iced Mocha. 

Iced Mocha at Dapper Coffee Amoy Street Singapore

Y prefers her usual hot coffee though. As what she said before, the coffee served at Dapper Coffee is fantastic. Kinda reminds me of the coffee that the cafes in Australia usually serves. 

Dapper Coffee Bitter Mocha at Amoy Street Singapore

I ordered one savoury item from the lunch menu while Y stick to the sweet brunch item. We decided to share both dishes. My order is the Nori Pesto Aglio Olio which seems like a fusion of Japanese and Italian. There is a touch of onsen egg and alfafa sprout at the top of the pasta. This pasta taste so good. The aglio olio is just at the correct texture without being too oily. I've never thought onsen egg can go well with pasta. 

Nori Pesto Aglio Olio at Dapper Coffee Amoy Street Singapore

Y's order looks like a beautiful sweet mess on a plate. It's called the Berry Yoghurt Waffle Croissant. The waffle is not the usual waffle as it is really made from croissant. We are not sure whether this dish should be categorised as healthy or sinful but anyway, we both love it. One portion can be too much for one person so it's best for sharing I guess. 

Berry Yoghurt Waffle Croissant at Dapper Coffee Amoy Street

Overall, our lunch experience at Dapper Coffee has been wonderful. The cafe is not that big so make sure to come early during peak hours (e.g. weekday lunch hour).

Dapper Coffee at Amoy Street Telok Ayer Singapore

Where to find Dapper Coffee: 

73 Amoy Street, Second Floor

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer/ Tanjong Pagar
Opening hours: 8:00 - 17:00

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