Indobox, A premium Indonesian Restaurant at Ion Orchard

When you are in a dire craving of Indonesian food, there is an Indonesian restaurant located at Ion Orchard named Indobox. Why do I say when you are in a "dire craving"? Since the restaurant is located at Ion, the restaurant needs to pay a high rental to the landlord and hence, the price of the menu here can be considered "premium" for Indonesian food. 

Indobox, A premium Indonesian Restaurant at Ion Orchard

"But, isn't Indonesian food worth that price since they are tasty?"

While that may be true, you can get the same dish (and sometimes, with better taste) at a cheaper price in Jakarta. But anyway, in times of emergency when you really crave for that Mie Tek-Tek (i.e. mee goreng which is sold by travelling hawker cart), you can rely on Indobox to prepare you one. This is really the most expensive mie tek-tek which I have ever tasted. It costs me $10. My friends in Indonesia will sure laugh at me if I tell them about this story. Haha. Taste wise, the version sold at Indobox leans more toward the spicy/sweet taste while the original one sold by hawker cart tend to be way way more spicy. 

Mie Tek Tek at Indobox Ion Orchard Singapore

My dinner buddy craved for Nasi Kuning (re: Yellow Rice). The yellow color comes from the use of turmeric and coconut milk. It is usually served with shredded omelette, fried chicken and potato fritters. Indobox's rendition of Nasi Kuning use grilled chicken, sambal goreng (fried tempeh and potato caramelized in spicy sauce), and crackers. My friend said it's good enough to satisfy her craving for Indonesian food so I suppose it must be quite yummy. 

Nasi Kuning at Indobox Ion Orchard Singapore

The soda lime drink taste pretty refreshing especially when drink after you have been walking outside for quite long time. The weather is crazy hot recently.

Soda Lime Juice at Indobox Ion Orchard Singapore

Where to find Indobox?

Indobox is situated at level B3 at Ion Orchard. 

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