South Bronx Burgers, a humble burger joint at Dhoby Ghaut

If you are looking for a burger joint other than the usual McD or BK, you may want to drop by South Bronx. South Bronx is a burger restaurant created by the same group who brought Montana Brew Bar to Pomo. In fact, they are located at the same building (just different floor), Pomo. 

South Bronx Burgers, a humble burger joint at Dhoby Ghaut

If you are eating the burger, you can only dine in at the lower level because the upper level is catered for Fabulous Dough's customers. South Bronx's burger creations are somewhat...fusion? You can see it from the way they name their burger creations. For instance, there is Gochujang Beef and The Umami. The price of the burger is ranging from $10-ish to $12-ish. 

South Bronx Burger restaurant at Pomo Singapore

Since it is my first visit to South Bronx, I decided to stick with the main dish which is named after the restaurant, the Bronx. It comes with bacon and cheddar cheese beef patty. Overall, it tastes pretty tasty. I wish the price can be cheaper though. Hahaha. 

The Bronx at South Bronx Burgers at Pomo Singapore

After we had our nice hearty burger meal, my friend and I continued our chat at the neighbouring ice cream deli, the Daily Scoop. There were a lot of seats available around 8+ on a weekday's night. 

Daily Scoop at Dhoby Ghaut Singapore

Our order that nice consists of strawberry cheesecake and chocolate hazelnut ice cream. Yummy!!! 

Daily Scoop Ice Cream at Dhoby Ghaut Singapore

I'm weak toward unhealthy stuff. LOL. 

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