Sweet Time at Adrift by David Myers, Marina Bay Sands

If you are looking for various choices of celebrity chef restaurants at one rooftop, look no further as you just have to make your way to Marina Bay Sands. From Gordon Ramsay to Wolfgang Puck to Tetsuya Wakada, these chefs have decided to expand their culinary skills to the shore of Singapore. However, today, we are going to enjoy our dinner at Adrift which is helmed by David Myers. My first impression, Adrift has made its online reservation super convenient as compared to Bread Street Kitchen (which somehow always shows weird timings on its online booking slot). 

Sweet Time at Adrift by David Myers, Marina Bay Sands

Adrift has adopted a modern Izakaya concept and that means, its menu consists of mainly big and small plates. However, since today we are going to try Adrift's signature desserts, we decided to order just one main to share amongst the two of us. Wagyu Cheeseburger, our choice for that night, served in "open" concept as the two sides of the burgers are purposely shown not stacked onto each others. The first bun has a juicy beef patty layered with melty cheese and jalapenos. While the other bun is slathered with tomato jam and a mountain of cheese shavings. 

The Wagyu Cheeseburger at Adrift Marina Bay Sands

We ordered two desserts that night as we heard so many good reviews about Adrift's desserts. The first one is named Calamansi, Creme Fraiche, Creamsicle. This dessert is pretty...unique. It looks like an ice cream sandwich as the calamansi creamsicle is caught between the two tuile cookies. If you like your desserts to be zesty, this is a must-order-dessert for you.

Calamansi Creme Fraiche Creamsicle at Adrift by David Myers

While the next dessert that we are going to try is Adrift's signature dish, the Caramel French Toast. In a glance, it looks like a thick slice of bread covered in icing sugar, vanilla ice cream and a dollop of caramel and chocolate sauce. The bread is actually a moist caramel brioche. Even though it is moist inside, the outer part of the brioche is grilled to perfect crunch. Yum!

Caramel French Toast at Adrift Marina Bay Sands

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