When the craving for Indonesian noodle is high, I Want My Noodle

Indonesians love their Chicken Noodle. Growing up in Jakarta, I remember that at least one morning every week, my dad will bring us to eat chicken noodle. It tastes very yummy especially when eaten with the deep fried wonton. Now, currently living in Singapore, it's not easy to find something similar to the taste of that childhood chicken noodle which I used to have when I was young. Most noodles here are more similar to the Hong Kong style, which is totally different from ours. One day, a friend told us that she has found a place where she could eat egg noodle which is pretty similar to the chicken noodle sold in Indonesia. Cut long story short, we finally had a chance to try the so-called-very-good noodle at I Want My Noodle. 

When the craving for Indonesian noodle is high, I Want My Noodle

I Want My Noodle is located at the extension of Isetan at Lido. It sells its home-made egg noodles which taste and texture are pretty similar to the noodle we used to have in Jakarta. Rumor said that the restaurant is started by a couple, by which one of them comes from Indonesia. 

I want my noodle at shaw centre orchard singapore

The minced pork noodles sold by I Want My Noodle is kinda look like the Singapore's Bak Chor Mee but the noodle is different. Its texture is more springy and chewy. Haha I seriously don't know how to explain it perfectly but yeah, it tastes somewhat different and yet, yummy. QQ?

Minced Pork Noodle I Want My Noodle Orchard Singapore

The meatball soup is also pretty nice because the soup base is kinda spicy just like tom yum soup. The meatballs, however, can be made firmer, I think. It easily crumbles even before I manage to bring it to my mouth. 

Homemade Meatball Soup I Want My Noodle Orchard Singapore

After all, I Want My Noodle serves comfort food with reasonable price (for Orchard area). Do give them a visit if you like a different version of your egg noodle. 

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