10D9N Spring Japan Trip: How to go to Tokyo Disneysea?

I had only one day in Tokyo to go to Disneyland or Disneysea and hence, my pick fell on Tokyo Disneysea because well...it is only available in Japan, I guess. Tokyo Disneysea is really located near the sea and hence, we had to take the subway to Maihama Station, where the Disney Resort monorail departs. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: How to go to Tokyo Disneysea?

The 10 minutes ride from Maihama Station to Tokyo DisneySea costs us 260 Japanese Yen. 

Disney Resort Monorail Ticket in Japan

Here comes the Disney Resort Monorail. The windows are shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. So cute. 

Disney Resort Monorail in Japan

The interior of the monorail is pretty much similar to the one operating at Hong Kong Disneyland. The monorail makes a few stops at the nearby Disney resorts to pick up passengers who are staying there. 

Inside Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail

We reached Tokyo Disneysea Station 30 minutes before the park opens and glancing at the crowd walking toward the same direction, we got a feeling today is gonna be a tough day (from the queuing perspective).

Crowd walking toward Tokyo Disneysea

And yes, this is just the preview of the entry gate at Tokyo Disneysea. The crowd level is really crazy. I guess it was because we went during the spring break where a lot of students visit the park to play. 

Tokyo Disneysea Entrance Gate

Tokyo Disneysea opens everyday from 9AM (8AM on weekends and holidays) to 10PM.

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