10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Indiana Jones Adventure, Tokyo Disneysea

Welcome to the Lost River Delta in Tokyo Disneysea. Lost River Delta is the second area that we explored in Tokyo Disneysea after the Mysterious Island. By the time we reached Lost River Delta, the clock had shown 11.30-ish PM. The park was totally in full crowd by this time.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Indiana Jones Adventure, Tokyo Disneysea

Despite the crowd, we still managed to get our second fast pass for Indiana Jones Adventure ride. We did not really need to queue for so long.

Fast Pass Counter for Indiana Jones Adventure in Tokyo Disneysea

But we only managed to get the fast pass for 14:50 - 15:50 time slot. I guess this is better than nothing. 

Indiana Jones Tokyo Disneysea Fast Pass

Since we had a lot of time to kill, we started to explore and people watch the crowd in Lost River Delta. Whenever we spot Japanese school girls, we never see a plain backpack. All their backpacks have something hanging from Monster Inc characters to the most popular character in Tokyo Disneysea, Duffy, the Disney Bear. 

Bag keychains at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

The cart store in Lost River Delta area sells a huge tag which the Japanese usually use to store their subway card or pass. I don't think I can use this anywhere in Singapore without people staring at my tag. So I gave them a miss. 

Disney tags at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

If you are looking for a place to store your belongings before riding high speed rides such as Indiana Jones Adventure and the nearby Raging Spirits, you can find one here in Lost River Delta. 

Tokyo Disneysea Locker Japan

The most iconic building in Lost River Delta is gotta be the Aztec Temple which is also the setting of Indiana Jones ride. You will be brought into adventure with Indiana Jones through the temple of the crystal skull.

Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull Tokyo Disneysea Ride

The ride was pretty high pace even though there is no 360 degrees loop like the one that Raging Spirits has. Be prepared for a excitement-filled ride in the temple!

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