10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tokyo Disneysea

If you ask me what is the first thing to do once you have entered Disneysea...it's definitely not taking your selfie or wefie or any pictures at all. Why? Because you have to join the rest of the visitors (mostly Japanese) to run for your life for an enjoyable life at Tokyo Disneysea. Tokyo Disneysea has a priority ticketing system for its rides named "Fast Passes". The awesome thing about this fast passes is you can ride certain attractions in a relatively faster queue on an allocated timing (indicated on your fast passes). In other words, it is a timed-entry ticket which allows you to skip normal queue.

The problem is, you can't really buy this so called Fast Passes. In fact, you have to queue in order to get even one fast pass. And since Japan shows a great deal of enthusiasm toward this one activity called queuing, you have to run fast to the fast pass machine of your chosen rides. This picture below shows the condition of the queue in front of the fast passes machines for Journey to the Center of the Earth which is located under the volcano at Mysterious Island.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tokyo Disneysea

After running and queuing for I-don't-know how long, I managed to secure my first Fast Pass. I probably reached the machine around 9.30-ish and I only managed to secure Fast Pass for the 10:25 entry. Okay, basically, if I want to use this Fast Pass, I must come to the Fast Pass holder queue line for Journey to the Center of the Earth between 10:25 to 11:25. Another thing to note, I can't queue and take for another Fast Pass before 10:25.

Journey to the Center of the Earth Fast Pass Tokyo Disneysea

I admitted I did not really do proper planning for my visit at Tokyo Disneysea. If I've known better, I would make a mad dash to Tower of Terror instead. But at that time, I feel like riding Journey to the Centre of the Earth more than Tower of Terror so yeah. We had an hour to kill before we can take the next Fast Pass or ride Journey to the Centre of the Earth so we spent our time wandering around Mysterious Island. 

Lab around Mysterious Island area Tokyo Disneysea

At 10:25, this is the situation of the queue even with the usage of Fast Pass. They took my Fast Pass away so I could not keep them as souvenirs. =(

The fast pass queue for Journey to the Center of the Earth Tokyo Disneysea

Some fancy things to see while queuing for the ride. 

Underground lab at Mount Prometheus at Tokyo Disneysea

Each door (which leads to the slot car) can only cater up to 4 people. The ride is based on Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. The ride is pretty nice at the beginning as we are brought through a cavern of colorful glowing crystals and a Mushroom Forest which is inhabited by strange insect and fancy life forms. You know most rides starts very peaceful and then something happen in the middle and the whole ride will end with...oh well, let's call it an interesting turn-of-events. I don't want to spoil so much here but if you are interested, you can read further on Wikipedia I guess.

Queue to the car ride of Journey to the Centre of the Earth Tokyo Disneysea

Once we have been vomited out of Mount Prometheus in the Mysterious Island, we are back on the surface and enjoying another nice view of the island before we made another mad dash to other ride's Fast Pass machines. 

Mysterious Island in Tokyo Disneysea Japan

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