10D9N Spring Japan Trip: A Magic Carpet Ride at Tokyo Disneysea's Arabian Coast

We are finally at one of my favourite section in Tokyo Disneysea, the Arabian Coast. It is a themed land inspired after a popular Disney animated film, Aladdin, which was my first Disney film that I watched in the movie. Being a fan of the movie, one of the best scene from the movie is when the song "A Whole New World" is played when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine enjoy the magic carpet ride together. So yeah, we decided to join the crowd to ride the magic carpet ride. LOL.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: A Magic Carpet Ride at Tokyo Disneysea's Arabian Coast

The queue is quite long but it moves pretty fast because the ride can accommodate quite a lot of people I guess. So this means it's finally time for me to eat my lunch, an onigiri that I bought from the convenience store. Nom Nom Nom.

Eating onigiri at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

I was still in the queue after I finished my onigiri, so I started to do my favourite activity, people watching. The Mickey Mouse hat which is worn by the boy in front of me is so cute. Mickey's body is hanging at the back of the hat. Super cute. I, myself, don't mind wearing it but I think they only have these hats in kids size. #idontwanttogrowup

Mickey Mouse Hat at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Nearer to the ride, we could see some familiar characters like Rajah, who is the pet tiger of Jasmine. A tiger as a pet. Wow. PETA won't stand down listening to this situation in the modern days. Hahaha.

Rajah, Jasmine's Pet Tiger in Aladdin

Whee...it does look pretty fun even from below. As you can see, the ride is loved by adults too especially those schoolboys/ schoolgirls. One carpet can accommodate 4 people, which makes the queue moves quite fast. Thank goodness.

Magic Carpet Ride at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

The ride is pretty mild, you can even take picture when you are up here with the port as the background. Konichiwa! 

Hello from magic carpet ride at Tokyo Disneysea

After you have landed, I suggest you to walk toward further right (if you come from the Indiana Jones' area) because there is a perfect photo spot which makes you feel like you are part of the Aladdin's movie set. Where's my genie?

Arabian Coast Tokyo Disneysea Japan

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