10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Make Your Own Okonomiyaki at Shinjuku, Tokyo

If you go to Japan, you must give an okonomiyaki (re: Japanese pancake) a try. It's not only because it is delicious, but you will enjoy a unique experience in an okonomiyaki restaurant in Japan. We randomly spotted one at Shinjuku Station. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Make Your Own Okonomiyaki at Shinjuku, Tokyo

We were quite surprised when we saw that we have to make our own okonomiyaki. To be honest with you, we don't really cook back at home. My landlord has a no-cooking policy for all her tenants so yeah, no cooking for me at all in Singapore. 

Frying okonomiyaki at Shinjuku Tokyo

Instruction is provided for reference. It comes with picture too. 

Cook your own okonomiyaki instruction in Japan

However, looking at our amazement (and confusion), the waitress immediately came to our rescue and helped us cooking the okonomiyaki while my friend immediately went into recording mode. Hahaha. I guess basically, you have to fry the cabbages + bacon first. Then, you have to mix the rest of the ingredients with the egg, whip it fast and pour all of them onto the frying platform.

Cooking okonomiyaki in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Cover the whole thing until the okonomiyaki's color changes. 

Cooking okonomiyaki in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Into this nice brown color. And flip to the other side and repeat the same procedure. 

Japanese savoury pancake okonomiyaki Shinjuku Japan

After both sides of the okonomiyaki is properly cooked, it is time to do some decoration. At least we can do this part without a lot of help from the waitress. All you have to do is to take the mayonaisse bottle and do a zigzag spray. In addition, do the same with the Japanese sauce. Last but not least, put a lot of bonito flakes and the greenish leaves (coriander? not very sure though). Voila, our okonomiyaki is done.

Ready to eat okonomiyaki in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

We also order a portion of yakisoba (re: Japanese fried noodle) which do not need participation from us whatsoever in preparation. Hahaha. 

Yakisoba in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

The yakisoba is so so but the okonomiyaki is pretty tasty. Do give them a try when you are staying near Shinjuku station. After all, not everywhere you can cook your own okonomiyaki. 

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