10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Memory of Tokyo One Piece Tower

There are actually a lot of rooms inside Tokyo One Piece Tower which provides visitors a lot of adventures to explore. Most of the rooms come with character display though. The problem with long manga like One Piece is...I can't trace back to the latest chapter that I read when I stopped for too long. Hence, there are some characters which I really don't know appearing from which pirate crew. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Memory of Tokyo One Piece Tower

But, at least, I know that this fellow here is the grandfather of Luffy, Monkey D. Garp. The ironic thing is he is also serving in the Marines, the organisation who maintains order and peace in the sea. He has a pretty good relationship with Luffy and Ace though, despite both kids being in the pirates.

Monkey D Garp at Tokyo One Piece Tower Japan

And since we have seen Garp's picture, this can only mean one thing, you have arrived at Marine Headquarter. Anyone's interested to try sitting on the Marine Admirals' seats of power?

Marine Admirals' seats of power at Tokyo One Piece Tower

If you dare to do that, you must be prepared to be punished in the jail, you have been warned! 

Marine Jail at Tokyo One Piece Tower Japan

A lot of colorful strips taken out from the anime, I suppose. From what they look like, it seems that they are taken from the earlier part of the anime.

One Piece Anime Strip at Tokyo One Piece Tower Japan

Just a usual rowdy-friendly night at the bar. 

Tokyo One Piece Tower Art Display

My favourite scene from One Piece saga. Oh my gosh, this is so nostalgic. U_U.

Luffy and Ace at Tokyo One Piece Tower

Tokyo One Piece Tower is located inside Tokyo Tower. Do visit the theme park for a fun day with the Straw Hat crew. 

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