10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Minion Plaza, Universal Studios Japan

Ever since the movie "Despicable Me" came out, minion has been considered as cute and lovely creature instead of the bad meaning it is used to associate to last time (e.g. the underlings of devil). Universal Studios Japan has added Minion as one of the characters to have their own section in theme park named Minion Plaza. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Minion Plaza, Universal Studios Japan

Minion Plaza is a fun place to check out because you will be able to see this cute yellow creatures everywhere trying to create mischief and mayhem.

Minions in Minion Plaza at USJ Japan

There are a lot of fun things which you can do at Minion Plaza. For a start, you can fuel yourself at Minion Happy Kitchen. The minions are cooking Minion Bun (i.e. Chinese bun which is shaped like minion face and it is yellow!) and Minion-shaped popcorn bucket with movable eyeball and arm. 

Minion Happy Kitchen at Universal Studios Japan

There is also street performance and meet-and-greet event in the plaza where you can take picture with your favorite Minion. Bob, Kevin or Stuart anyone?

Minion Meet and Greet at USJ Osaka Japan

Of course you cannot leave Minion Plaza without checking out the Minion Mart which sells a lot of variety of merchandises from Minion franchise. Bello!

Minion Mart at USJ Osaka Japan

There is unlimited amount of Minion dolls here with different sizes and sometimes, function. You can also find the laughing Minion plushies (push their hand and they'll laugh) here or the one with voice function (meaning to say your Minion can speak Bello and a lot of other Minion lingo). 

Minion Plushies at Minion Mart USJ

You can also find Despicably Cute cookies. I don't think I have the heart to eat these cookies. LOL.

Minion Cookies at Minion Mart USJ

Despicable Me bag keychains, but, wait, aren't they too big to hang on your bag? Well, the Japanese does hand anything and everything to their bags so this size is probably normal to them. LOL.

Minion Bag Keychains at USJ

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