10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Popcorn Wonder at Tokyo Disneysea, Japan

There is a unique activity which you can only experience at Tokyo Disneysea in Japan. Other than the rides and the magical Fantasmic, the visitors at Tokyo Disneysea are crazy about popcorn. Yes, the popcorn game at Tokyo Disneysea is pretty strong. It's so popular up to the point that people bring their collectible and rare Tokyo Disneysea popcorn buckets from the past to have them refilled (and hence, buying the popcorn at cheaper price). Each stall at Tokyo Disneysea offers different flavors, it is really fun. Notwithstanding the queue, we decided to join the fun popcorn game by queuing for...strawberry popcorn.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Popcorn Wonder at Tokyo Disneysea, Japan

The popcorn bucket being sold when we were there featured Mr Potato Head from Toy Story. You can move around his parts to change his expression. While it's cute, we figured there will be no chance to wear him in other places than Tokyo Disneysea. So with heavy heart, we chose to buy the popcorn in normal paper bucket. 

Mr Potato Head Popcorn Bucket at Tokyo Disneysea

If you eat this popcorn, your dreams will come true. #wistfulthinking
I couldn't really taste the strawberry though. I wonder if other flavors are better. Too bad we did not really have time to try another flavor. =(

Strawberry Popcorn at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

While nom-ing on our popcorns, we decided to wander around the other stall to take a look at what these stalls are selling. They have a lot of hairbands but I found the size of these hairbands seems to be catered for kids. 

Mickey Mouse Hairbands at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

I pretty like this cute Stitch hat too but it does not fit my head. Why do I have to grow up? I suddenly feel Peter Pan so much. Hahaha.

Stitch Hat at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Olaf does not melt at Tokyo Disneysea. His dream really comes true here. 

Olaf Plush Doll at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

A lot of people is wearing this jacket at Tokyo Disneysea. At some point, I thought this jacket is the official uniform to wear at Tokyo Disneysea. Really. I saw some people wearing them in Singapore inside shopping mall (yep, the air from the air conditioner is the coldest thing you can feel in Singapore). 

Mickey Mouse jacket at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

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