10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Port of Discovery, Tokyo Disneysea

Okay, we are on back on track in our journey to obtain fast pass. There were not many fast pass available for grab after 12PM, seriously. You can only join the normal queue line for popular attractions like Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania. The waiting time can reach as high as 3 hours. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Port of Discovery, Tokyo Disneysea

Well, we'd rather grab another available fast pass which is located at Port Discovery area of Tokyo Disneysea. 

Fast Pass for Stormrider at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Say hello to Stormrider. This ride is actually something like simulation ride, whereby visitors can feel like they are riding a plane during a storm. Let's call it a virtual rollercoaster I guess. The queue is way faster with a fast pass. When I say faster, it means 45 minutes instead of 1.5 hours. #thestruggleisrealhere

Stormrider Ride at Tokyo DIsneysea Japan

After braving the storm, it's really time for us to unwind for a little bit. We explored the area of Port of Discovery. The Port of Discovery is like a port which comes as a part of Tomorrowland because the idea here is that you are at the marina of the future. Other than the Stormrider, there is another "way-milder" ride named Aquatopia. Since the queue seems to be milder too (approx 30 minutes), we ended up joining the queue.

Aquatopia Water Ride at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Aquatopia lets visitors board the self-guided watercraft that travel between the rocks, fountains and whirlpools. Even though it's self-guided, you cannot force your way to go other than the assigned track for each watercraft. 

Aquatopia at Port of Discovery Tokyo Disneysea Japan

That's good enough I guess because otherwise, a lot of watercrafts will end up bumping into one another and get spoiled. You could spray on each other though when your watercraft happens to face others.

Riding Aquatopia in Tokyo Disneysea Japan

There are quite a number of performances near to the train station beside Port of Discovery. I guess, this will be a nice area to take a break after all those running chasing fast pass. 

Music performance at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

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