10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to the American Waterfront, Tokyo Disneysea

Welcome to America, where people is living the American dream. Hmm, wait, I thought we were still in Tokyo Disneysea. What's with the change in the setting? If you are confused, do not fret as we are still in Tokyo Disneysea in Japan. American Waterfront is a themed area inside the theme park. I totally have no idea the background story of why there is American theme inside Tokyo Disneyland. Well, probably because Disney is after all an American. Haha.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to the American Waterfront, Tokyo Disneysea

American Waterfront area is divided into two section, the New York harbour and the New England fishing village. We were nearer to the fishing village so we decided to check out the village first. 

Cape Cod Fishing Village at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

The village's name is Cape Cod and the village is pretty much lively and bustling with crowds. There is one particular restaurant which has a long queue at its door. It's probably because of the Cook Off concepts where diners can select who win the battle (?). I'm just guessing though because with that kind of queue, it will be dinner time by the time I come inside the restaurant. XD

Restaurant in Cape Cod Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Another restaurant spotted nearby with the same length of queue. The Japanese is really admirable in queuing. 

Restaurant in Cape Cod Fishing Village American Waterfront

As there seems to be not many places that we could visit without queuing for hours, we proceeded to the harbour section of American Waterfront. This is the view taken from the bridge separating the harbour from the fishing village.

Cape Cod Fishing Boat Harbour Tokyo Disneysea

One particular icon lies on the New York Harbour is definitely the SS Columbia, the massive cruise ship from the industrial age. There are some kind of music performances held in the area in front of SS Columbia so if you are interested, you can go watch the show. 

New York Harbour at  Tokyo Disneysea Japan

For now, let's pose with the massive boat, the bridge and the Tower of Terror at the background before we proceed further. 

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