13D12N Australia Trip: Bills, Surry Hills

I always hear that Australia is the country of brunch and hence, the first thing that I wanted to do when I arrived in Sydney is...well, going to a brunch place even though the time seems to suit tea time better than brunch. In the planning stage, I've stumbled upon a restaurant named Bills for quite a few times and there are a lot of good review about it so we decided to just pop by and try a few of their items.

13D12N Australia Trip: Bills, Surry Hills

The restaurant is pretty cozy as there are not many people dining in at 3PM on a Thursday afternoon. Bills was apparently established by local celebrity chef, Bill Granger. As of to-date, he owns Bills in three locations in Sydney. We visited the one at Surry Hills as it is the nearest to our accommodation.

Bills at Surry Hills Sydney Australia

If you'd like an apple or a piece of brownie for takeaway, you can just grab them and make payment at the counter.

Bills Restaurant at Surry Hills in Sydney Australia

We have been informed by our friend who just recently came back from a trip from Australia that the portion served in every Australian restaurant is generally huge. So if you are not a big eater, make sure to order reasonably. My dining buddy couldn't help not ordering truffle fries wherever she goes.

Truffle fries at Bills Surry Hills Australia

But the must-try item in Bills is definitely the ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter. This dish is the masterpiece of Bill Granger and we had to agree with the netizen's review that this dish taste superb. The hot fluffy ricotta and the melted butter goes very well with the slightly caramelised banana.

Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter at Bills Sydney Australia

If you are a fan of brunch and want to try something different than the Eggs Benedict, the hotcakes may be something that you'd like to try. Hehe. 

Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter at Bills Surry Hills Australia

Where to find Bills:

359 Crown St, Surry Hills

Opening times:

Monday - Friday    7AM - 10PM
Saturday and Sunday 7:30AM-10PM

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