13D12N Australia Trip: Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Park is a famous beach in Sydney. It is also the starting point (or the end point if you walk in a reversed way) of the popular Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk. We walked from Bronte because there are so many food choices in Bondi (yup, we walk to earn ourselves a hearty meal) compared to Bronte. 

13D12N Australia Trip: Bondi Beach, Sydney

If you are coming from the coastal walk trail, you will reach Bondi from the right side where the hip Icebergs Dining Room and Bar is located. It possesses one of the most coveted location in Bondi with its ocean pool overlooking south Bondi's crashing waves. 

Ocean pool at Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

It seems that the most favourite activity in Bondi is sunbathing and surfing. It's not easy to row yourself to the middle section of the ocean where the waves are though. The weather was pretty windy that day so I guess that's probably why.

Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia

Other than the beach, Bondi has a lot of interesting stuff to offer. Like the graffiti wall which separating the car park and the sandy beach. 

Graffiti wall at Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia

If you have someone narcissistic in your group, you will surely be tasked with a noble mission, taking picture of that particular someone. Well, I guess I will just user her picture to show you how awesome the graffiti wall is. 

Graffiti Art at Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

It's kinda like the graffiti at Berlin Wall? LOL. The less historical one I suppose. 

Posing at the graffiti wall at Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

If you come on Saturday, you can wander through Bondi Farmers Market. Sunday morning gives you a totally different experience of wandering through the next big fashion designers in the making as stallholders showcase their up and coming designs at affordable prices. Do visit them when you have the chance.

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