13D12N Australia Trip: Bronte Beach, Sydney

I have actually never heard of Bronte before until a few hours prior to our walk through Bondi to Bronte coastal walk (which we did in a reversed way from Bronte to Bondi). There are so many walking routes in Sydney but Bondi to Bronte coastal walk offers you a combination of beaches, parks and spectacular creek view beside the sea. If you want to do it in a reversed way like us, you should start from Bronte Park.

Bronte Park at Sydney Australia

The easiest way to reach Bronte Park is by taking a bus no. 378 from Bondi Junction bus terminal. I had to make sure I turned on my Google Map app to ensure that we alighted at the nearest bus stop to the park. Bronte Park is a nice, grassy and shady family park. The park is maintained by a team of bushcare volunteers. This is the first time I heard this term. Haha. 

Grassy Bronte Park in Sydney

The park is also popular for dog walking and exercise. The Australians seem to be very passionate about exercising. I guess they are really a sporty country. 

Dog walking route in Bronte Park

After 15 minutes walking through the park, we have reached Bronte Beach. The beach was filled with so many families enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Some of them can be spotted playing with kids, dogs or drinking beers while enjoying their life away. 

Bronte Beach at Sydney Australia

No kids are spotted playing on the beach though. I heard that Australian waters are not that safe especially when the warning sign is up so maybe that day, the current is pretty strong for children to swim around in the sea.

13D12N Australia Trip: Bronte Beach, Sydney

If you'd really like to go for a swim, you can walk a few steps to the right and you will see this natural swimming pool. The locals named it Bronte Creek Swimming Pool. We can see that the water here is quite calm as they are enclosed by rocks. 

Bronte Creek Swimming Pool in Sydney Australia

Make sure you don't swim too near to the rocks though as it will hurt pretty bad if these rocks happen to scratch your skin. These rocks can be quite sharp.  

Bronte Creek in Sydney Australia

It can get very hot during summer. So if you want to do the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk in a summer day, don't forget to bring your hat, sunscreen and some water.  

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