13D12N Australia Trip: Bronte Beach Swimming Pool, Sydney

Whenever there is an incident about swimming in Australia, it usually involves a shark biting down surfer or swimmer. News like this makes me kinda scared of swimming anywhere near the ocean in Australia, to be honest with you. I know "swimming with the shark" may have been the #lifegoal of some people in the world but it is definitely not worth doing if your life is at stake. But, apparently, there is a safe way to swim in the ocean. We found this when we were strolling by Bronte beach as the starting point of our Bondi to Bronte coastal walk (in a reversed direction).

Bronte Beach in Sydney Australia

Toward the right side of the beach, you will something that resembles a swimming pool. 

13D12N Australia Trip: Bronte Beach Swimming Pool, Sydney

This is not your ordinary swimming pool. It is actually a rock pool which is built into the ocean. The waves crash over the side as swimmers navigate their way through the salty water. If you swim here, make sure to grab the chain railing to avoid being swept out to se when the tide is high and the water particularly rough. 

Sydney's Rock Swimming Pool at Bronte Australia

When the waves are high, some swimmers say that the experience is kinda similar to swim inside a washing machine. But on a relatively calmer day, it's pretty nice to swim in this Bronte's rock swimming pool. It's like swimming in an infinity pool facing right into the ocean. One thing for sure, there will be no shark here (unless the sharks are swept into the beach, I guess?).

Bronte Beach Rocks Swimming Pool in Sydney Australia

If you are rich, you may consider buying a property near the beach here. Well, one can always dream (and make it come true), right?

Bronte Beach Coastal Walk Sydney Australia

A few metres down the Coastal Walk, there is a smaller beach called Tamarama Beach. The beach is pretty small and it is locally known as "Glamarama" as this is supposedly where the wannabe trend setters come to sunbathe and swim. Or simply trying to be seen. (This is really what Wikipedia says.)

Tamarama Beach in Sydney Australia

Well, we did spot a few Glamarama people sunbathing there on a Friday afternoon.

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