13D12N Australia Trip: Chat Thai, Haymarket

Before I went to Sydney for my birthday trip, a lot of my friends suggested to eat Thai and Vietnamese food in Australia because (a) they are pretty authentic and (b) they taste so good. When I did my google search for "best Thai food in Sydney", the name Chat Thai popped up quite a number of times in both Zomato and Tripadvisor. It receives a lot of good reviews from the netizens and hence, we decided to just eat Thai food there.

13D12N Australia Trip: Chat Thai, Haymarket

Chat Thai is located pretty near to Chinatown area in Haymarket in Sydney. The first thing that you have to do when you reach Chat Thai is to write your name in the waiting list. The next thing that you have to do is waiting for your number to be called. Since there are only two of us, my number got called pretty fast. We probably only waited for less than 10 minutes. 

Waiting list for Chat Thai at Haymarket Sydney

Chat Thai is bustling with diners on a Thursday evening. Not a lot of restaurants can achieve "full-house" on a weekday night but Chat Thai does not seem to have problem achieving that. 

Chat Thai Restaurant at Haymarket Sydney

Since Sydney was so hot in late February, we started our dinner by drinking the iced Thai tea. The tea tastes super good. I think it's really the same type of tea that you can find on a street in Bangkok. 

Iced Thai Tea at Chat Thai Sydney Australia

My friend immediately screamed in excitement when she saw the dish named "Crying Tiger". For a moment, I wonder if this restaurant really cooks tiger meat but thankfully, the meat is beef. Crying Tiger is actually char-grilled beef tenderloin with smoked chilli and tamarind relish. The chilli sauce and the beef goes well together. 

Crying Tiger at Chat Thai Sydney Australia

When you are eating Thai food, Pad Thai is a must-order. The portion served at Chat Thai is huge and the Pad Thai is filled with a lot of hearty seafood ingredients like squid and mussels. I love the Pad Thai but I give those bean sprouts a miss. #notafan

Pad Thai at Chat Thai Chinatown Sydney Australia

I forgot what the last dish is called but it's basically scallop-based dish and they taste delicious too. Two of us managed to polish the three plates clean (and this made walking home pretty much a struggle). 

Seasoned scallops at Chat Thai Sydney Australia

Chat Thai is located at: 

20 Campbell Street,
Chinatown, Sydney

Chat Thai's Opening hours: 

lunch: 10AM - 5PM
dinner: 5PM - 10PM
supper: 9.30PM - 2AM

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