13D12N Australia Trip: Hurricane's Grill, Bondi Beach

There are so many good restaurants in Sydney but it seems that whenever we are meeting our friends here, all of them jointly rave about the wonderful ribs at Hurricane's Grill. One of my friends say her experience there was so good up to the point she came back to Hurricane's to have another go at their ribs. Don't be deceived by the lack of guests around 5.30PM on a Friday evening. 

13D12N Australia Trip: Hurricane's Grill, Bondi Beach

Hurricane's Grill specialises in the flame-grilled steaks and ribs. But it has other dishes on the menu too like chicken, seafood and salads. 

Hurricane's Grill at Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

We were so hungry after walking through Bondi to Bronte coastal walk and we were ready for some meat. For a starter, we ordered the dish that cannot go wrong, fried calamari. The fried calamari taste crispy on the outside and chewy in the inside. The bread batter cooked perfectly and they go well with the tartar sauce. 

Fried calamari at Hurricane's Grill Bondi Beach Sydney

It took quite a while for the steak and ribs combo to be grilled, but we did not really mind because we were enjoying our ciders. Ciders are slightly cheaper here than in Singapore. Cheers, mate!

Cider party at Hurricane's Grill Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

Finally, the steak and rib combo is here. Size-wise, the steak seems pretty minuscule compared to that thick slab of ribs. The ribs really taste so good. It's the best ribs that I have eaten so far in my life. The steak is not so bad too but the main highlight of our dinner in Hurricane's Grill gotta be the ribs. 

Steak and Ribs at Hurricane's Grill Bondi Beach

The combo is good enough for two people so if you are not a super heavy eater, I just to adopt the concept "sharing is caring" here. XD

Hurricane's Grill Bondi Beach's full address:

130 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach

Opening hours:

12:00 PM - 10:30 PM everyday

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