13D12N Australia Trip: Inbound Cafe, Sydney Domestic Airport

If you are taking a domestic flight from Sydney to another city in Australia, chances are you are either taking Virgin Atlantic, Jetstar or Tiger Airways. We took Tiger Airways and the first thing that surprised us is there were totally no staff in sight at the check in gate. Yes, you are your own staff which means everything here in Sydney domestic airport must be done by the travellers themselves. Nobody can check in before two hours from the flight time. After that you have to weigh your luggage yourself, check them, plaster the luggage sticker on them, put them on the baggage drop machine and voila! You are done.

The problem is, we came too early, it was not even two hours before our flight. And there are not many seats in the departure area of Sydney domestic airport. If you are in the same spot as us, you can make your way to the arrival area instead and make your way to this cozy little cafe named Inbound Cafe. 

13D12N Australia Trip: Inbound Cafe, Sydney Domestic Airport

The cafe has the best theme possible as it is located in the airport. If you need more luggages, you can probably negotiate with the cafe owner to buy one of these. 

Inbound Cafe in Sydney Domestic Airport

I plan to sleep on plane because it would take us 90 minutes to reach Melbourne and there is totally no in-flight entertainment because Tiger Airways is well...a budget airway after all. So, I just ordered a cup of hot chocolate for myself. Taste so good. 

Hot chocolate from Inbound Cafe Sydney

Inbound Cafe serves a variety of pastries, cakes and sandwiches. The sandwiches look too big for breakfast so I ended up ordering a slice of brownie. The brownie is a dope I tell you. It's one of the best brownie I've ever tasted for a while. Not that I often eat brownies, mind you. XD

Brownie from Inbound Cafe at Sydney Domestic Airport

One of the cafe staff tried to speak Chinese to me. He's so funny. Apparently he married a Chinese lady and he's the only one who doesn't understand what's going on when his wife scolds their kids. LOL.

Breakfast at Inbound Cafe at Sydney Domestic Airport Australia

Inbound Cafe's opening hours:

9AM to 9PM (except for Monday, it starts from 7AM)

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