13D12N Australia Trip: Pancakes on the Rocks, Sydney

It seems that whenever a Singaporean goes to visit Sydney, he or she always makes a stop at Pancakes on the Rocks, a popular pancake eatery in Australia. Since we were in the middle of wandering at the vicinity of Harbour Bridge, we decided to give the pancake a go.

Harbour Bridge area in Sydney Australia

But first, we were busy doing sightseeing as the bridge is indeed an amazing sight from both far and near. 

Harbour Bridge in Sydney

There is no other signboard showing the location of the restaurant so we were walking back and forth trying to find the location that Google Map pinpointed for us. After a few minutes of wandering around the block, we finally found the restaurant. 

13D12N Australia Trip: Pancakes on the Rocks, Sydney

As what the review and the name say, Pancakes on the Rocks sells a wide selection of both savoury and sweet pancakes. Take note that the portion that the restaurant serves is pretty huge so we only ordered one type of pancake. My friend was more into the sweet pancake so our decision fell on one of the popular items on the menu, the Coco Berry pancake. 

Pancake and coffee at Pancakes on the Rocks Sydney Australia

To be honest with you, my first impression of Coco Berry is that this plate looks like a huge mess. It's like a someone just vomited milk and cheese on a bloody piece of flesh. I don't know if I have a gory imagination but I can't see the beauty of the plating. Taste-wise, Coco Berry taste pretty good. I can taste the depth of the chocolate flavour in the pancakes and apparently it goes well with the excessive berry sauce and vanilla ice cream. With the occasional cheese. 

Coco Berry Pancake at Pancakes on the Rocks Sydney

Pancakes on the Rocks is situated at 4 Hickson Road, the Rocks. If you are looking to have a late night supper, you can visit this restaurant as it opens 24 hours. 

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