Atlas Coffeehouse, Botanic Gardens Singapore

Is it a sin if I say that I have never been to the Botanic Gardens even though I have been staying in Singapore for the last 8 years or so? Well, guess I am not really a garden person and walking inside a garden in the humid weather is just...I don't know, I don't think it's my cup of tea after all. 

But I have at least...been near to the Botanic Gardens, because there are some good cafes situated there. For today, our destination is Atlas Coffeehouse, which is helmed by the same folks behind Assembly Coffee.

Atlas Coffeehouse, Botanic Gardens Singapore

Atlas Coffeehouse has a super good lighting and it makes my cafehopping buddy's cup of mocha looks so Instagram-worthy. 

Hot mocha at Atlas Coffeehouse Singapore

While me, on the other side, sticks to a cup of hot chocolate instead. #weaktocaffeine

Hot chocolate and cafe mocha at Atlas Coffeehouse Singapore

After a few minutes scrolling up and down pictures in Burpple (this is our last resort when we don't really know what to order), we decided upon ordering sweet stuff for that hot Saturday afternoon. We shared a mixed berry compote waffle with ice cream (despite being tempted for trying on bacon on waffles).

Mixed Berry Compote Waffles with Ice Cream Atlas Coffeehouse

We also ordered what the rest of netizen is ordering, the fluffy Butterscotch Banana Pancakes. While it tastes good and fluffy, I wish the size can be smaller because this is just too much for two people to finish. 

Butterscotch Banana Pancakes at Atlas Coffeehouse Singapore

Do note that Atlas Coffeehouse does not open until late. In fact, it closes at 7PM on a Saturday. We were forced to find another place to hang out that day. XD

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