In Good Company, ION Orchard

It is always a battle to find seats in any cafe in Orchard on a weekend afternoon. Sometimes I even try to avoid coming to Orchard on a weekend because the crowd level is really crazy. In times like this, I start to appreciate those hidden cafes which are not very visible from the outside just like the one named In Good Company. 

In Good Company, ION Orchard

In Good Company is actually a fashion boutique situated in ION Orchard. However, the boutique incorporates cafe-boutique concept and if you go deeper inside the boutique, you will find a small seating area at the corner. The seats are nearly full when we came but at least we could still manage to secure two seats for ourselves. 

In Good Company Boutique Wardrobe at ION Orchard

In Good Company sells cupcakes created by Plain Vanilla Bakery. All the cupcakes look pretty tantalising to my eyes. The cupcakes at the last row seem to be the favourite (either that or they just did not order them a lot from Plain Vanilla Bakery) as the three tastes only have one cupcake each. 

Cupcakes at In Good Company ION Orchard

Other than cupcakes, In Good Company also sells tea cakes. The tea cakes come in three flavours.

Tea cakes from In Good Company at ION Orchard

My cafehopping buddy and I ended up ordering a Raspberry Lime Tea Cake.

Raspberry Lime Tea Cake from In Good Company ION Orchard

Which taste awesome especially when you pair it with a glass of hot latte. 

Coffee and cake at In Good Company ION Orchard

If you are not in the mood for coffee, In Good Company also sells fresh juices. I ordered watermelon juice and it tastes so refreshing especially in hot and humid weather outside. In addition, we also tried out the white chocolate cup cake from Plain Vanilla Bakery. It tastes pretty sweet but I guess the sweetness level is still bearable. I prefer the tea cake to the cupcake though.

White Chocolate Cupcake at In Good Company ION Orchard

In Good Company is situated at level B1 of ION Orchard. It opens everyday from 10:30AM to 9:30PM.

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