Rollie Olie, Star Vista

One of the challenges to meet up with friends who do not work near your current office anymore is to find the middle ground, a perfect meet-up place which is not too far from everybody's home. When you are trying to find a mid-point from people who lives in Jurong, Redhill and Bishan, the choice fell upon Buona Vista. Thankfully, with the latest addition of Star Vista, we have more food choices to consider from. We decided to try an Asian fusion restaurant named Rollie Olie. 

Rollie Olie, Star Vista

Rolie Olie serves fusion creation of sushi roll and salad with a touch of Californian style. Since it is a fusion restaurant, the chefs here are pretty creative and have the flair of combining a various ingredients. The above sushi roll is named Caterpillar (probably because it looks greenish) and it was our best pick for that night. Caterpillar consists of crab meat, cucumber, jcama (not sure what is this), red roe and avocado on top. The one pictured below is named Sunkissed Salmon. We only realised that Sunkissed Salmon is actually Caterpillar + Salmon after we have tasted both. 

Rollie Olie Caterpillar and Sunkissed Salmon Sushi Roll

The sushi roll in the middle has the weirdest combination in our opinion. It is named Beachcomber and supposedly it consists of fried soft shell crab, prawn salad, avocado, cucumber and the mysterious jcama. However, it turns out that there is a touch of cheese and strawberry on top of the sushi roll, which taste kinda weird. Not that it's entirely bad, but I don't think strawberry goes well with sushi. It's probably just my tastebud thing, though. 

Sushi roll party at Rollie Olie Star Vista

The sushi roll's price ranges from S$12.95 to S$16.95. The restaurant is not big but it is sure cozy for a small group of diners to enjoy sushi while chatting the night away. 

Rollie Olie's location:

#02-05, The Star Vista

Rollie Olie's opening hours: 

11:30AM - 10PM

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