Saturday Lunch Buffet at Marriott Cafe, Singapore

Even though I often pass by Marriott Cafe, I have never try eating there. I guess hotel buffet always gives an impression that they are expensive and yet, does not worth the price. But thanks to the credit card one-for-one promotion, I finally decided to give Marriott Cafe a try for the first time. 

Saturday Lunch Buffet at Marriott Cafe, Singapore

As how international buffet goes in every hotel in Singapore, Marriott Cafe has a selection of sashimi platter, Chinese cooked food, salad bar and pasta station. So I only took pictures of those food which I did not really see at other places. For instance, there is a beef lasagna and potato gratin. These two taste pretty good. 

Beef Lasagna and Potato Gratin at Marriott Cafe Singapore

The roast beef station comes with so many different sauces. 

Roast beef at Marriott Cafe Singapore

The bread butter puddings taste delightful while I am not really a fan of sticky date pudding in the first place. 

Sticky date pudding and bread butter pudding at Marriott Cafe Singapore

Not really a fan of the crispy pork saddle too but the apple sauce goes well with the pork. I find the pork meat a bit tough but my friend likes her meat tough so I guess it depends on your tastebud. 

Crispy pork saddle at Marriott Cafe Singapore

What I like the best from Marriott Cafe's buffet lunch is the dessert spread. As you can see, I started earlier than the rest of the diners since it seems that the desserts were untouched when I reached the dessert bar. LOL.

Dessert Bar at Marriott Cafe Singapore

All the cakes on a display make me want to get them all...#sweettooth

Cake Bar at Marriott Cafe Singapore

If you prefer traditional cakes, you can find them here too from Kueh Lapis to Onde. 

Traditional desserts at Marriott Cafe Singapore

Buffet lunch on a Saturday costs $50+ per adult ($25+ per child). So, if you go during credit card's one for one promotion, you really get a great deal as you only pay probably around $30ish per pax. The lunch buffet lasts from 12 to 2.30 PM.

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