Saturday Morning Brekkie at The Lokal, Singapore

When my friend worked in Outram Park area, she pointed out that Outram Park has become a hip area where a lot of restaurant and cafe are opening up. That's a pretty good news because Outram Park area used to be boring, especially when compared to its vibrant neighbour, Chinatown. So, when our common friend from overseas come, we decided to drag her down to the Lokal, one of the hip cafes in the area. 

Saturday Morning Brekkie at The Lokal, Singapore

Influenced by the German word for "local", the Lokal aims to be more than just a local cafe. It aims to be the place that people come back to, something like neighbourhood cafe? One thing for sure, my friend's boss keep coming back here every morning. Well he's the boss so he can afford >S$10 breakfast everyday I guess. 

The Lokal Cafe in Outram Park Singapore

The setting of the Lokal kinda reminds you of the decoration of some cafe in Australia. It's set to look something like a mix between vintage and industrial. I should have typed this post in the cafe instead from my own humble room to get the feeling more. Hahaha.

Inside the Lokal in Singapore

First, let's try out the coffee. The mocha on the bottom left corner is mine while my other two friends choose latte instead. The mocha taste okay, not as fantastic as the coffee that I drink in Sydney.

Morning coffee at the Lokal Singapore

The Lokal has some fancy dishes which they serve as breakfast items everyday. We ordered three dishes to share with French Toast being the first dish. It consists of sauteed apples, raisins, dry-cured bacon, and maple cream. I love the Lokal's rendition of the French Toast as the whole ingredients work well together on the plate.

French Toast at the Lokal Singapore

The Lokal is one of those places where you can eat sausages for breakfast. The sausages are served with baby potatoes, sauerkraut, and sunny-side-up. I find them so-so though. 

Bangers and Mash at the Lokal Singapore

The main star of the Lokal is gotta be the Toasted Banana Bread which is served with homemade vanilla yoghurt and toasted macadamia nuts. This is so good but since the serving is quite big, I think this is a dish to be shared because I think I will be too full if I eat the whole thing. 

Banana Bread at the Lokal Singapore

The Lokal is situated at

136 Neil Road.

The Lokal's opening hours:

Monday: 8AM - 5PM
Tuesday - Friday: 8AM - 10PM
Saturday: 9AM - 10PM
Sunday: 9AM - 4PM

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