Sunday Brunch at Club Street Social, Singapore

Club Street Social is a New York style restaurant and bar which is located on a quiet street named Club street somewhere in Telok Ayer, Singapore. Don't let the quiet ambience fool you though, because Club Street was serving a full house when we reached the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday Brunch at Club Street Social, Singapore

We could not secure any table for two, so we had no choice but waited for a while at the bar seats while ordering our coffee for a start. 

Club Street Social Bar Singapore

15 minutes later, we finally managed to get a table at the al fresco area. While the idea to have an al-fresco concept is great, it does not work that well in this hot and humid Singapore. Well, stuck with no other choice, we decided to just get the seat anyway because we could not wait to browse the menu and ordered some food. 

Club Street Social Menu Singapore

For a start, while I expect the coffee art to be fancier, the mocha tastes great and it goes well with the cookie. 

Mocha at Club Street Social Singapore

A lot of dishes were already sold out at 2.30-ish on Sunday afternoon. Crazy, I know, but I guess that proves that Club Street Social is really popular here in Singapore. I felt like eating omelette that day so I order a simple omelette which is served on sourdough toasts with a bit of salad at the sides. The egg tastes superb. It's one of the better egg dishes which I have tried in Singapore.

Omelette at Club Street Social in Singapore

My friend tried out another rendition of egg dish, the Corned Beef. The corned beef are mixed together with bits of potatoes while the egg is poached to perfection. My friend's dish is also served with sourdough toast. I don't really like sourdough but I guess they are supposed to be healthier choice of bread. 

Corned Beef Egg at Club Street Social Singapore

One hour before the restaurant closed, we asked if we could move inside because the weather is unbearably hot and we still wanted to chill here (after all the walk that we have gone through to reach the restaurant from Raffles Place MRT). We ordered tiramisu but dessert does not seem to be the forte of Club Street Social. The tiramisu tastes so so but at least it does not cost a bomb like the one sold by Awfully Chocolate.  

Tiramisu at Club Street Social Singapore

Club Street Social is located at: 

5 Gemmill Lane, Singapore

Club Street Social's opening hours: 

Weekdays: 12PM - 12AM
Saturdays: 11AM - 12AM
Sundays: 11AM - 4PM

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