Three Little Pigs, Ngee Ann City Singapore

There were three little pigs living together in a house or at least that's how the story used to go by. But in the modern days, the three little pigs are so advanced in cooking and they have so much capital in the bank, they are able to open a restaurant right in the middle of Orchard road in Singapore. 

Three Little Pigs, Ngee Ann City Singapore

In addition to that, the restaurant apparently served a variation of pork dishes from pasta to steak to rice dish. Wait a minute, does that mean they cook their own fellow pigs?

Three Little Pigs Menu at Ngee Ann City Singapore

Food-aside, Three Little Pigs seem to be a good place to eat if you don't feel like waiting for your table because the turnover of the diners here is pretty fast. 

Three Little Pigs at Takashimaya Singapore

There are so many variations of pork dishes available on the menu. My friend feels like trying pork collar so we ordered a cream linguine served with spicy pork collars. The spicy pork collars go well with the creamy linguine. We quite enjoyed this dish.

Spicy pork collars linguine at Three Little Pigs Singapore

Another dish that we'd like to try is the pork chop. You can choose the toppings to be put on top of your pork chop. We chose the minced garlic al fungi pork chop and it is served with the baked potatoes at the side. Review says that the sides are nothing to shout about but I find the baked potatoes taste pretty good compared to other restaurant. Either that, or I seldom eat baked potatoes. 

Minced garlic al fungi pork chop at Three Little Pigs Ngee Ann City

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