10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hokuo Bakery, Shinjuku

One thing that makes me enjoying my stay in Japan is the unlimited choices of bakeries. There are so many Japanese bakeries and most of them are not that big in sizes and situated near major train stations. However, these Japanese bakeries sell a lot of variety of Japanese breads and patisseries. In a way, it kinda reminds me of the anime, Yakitate Japan. Hahaha.

This time, my choice fell on Hokuo Bakery which is situated at Shinjuku Station.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hokuo Bakery, Shinjuku

Hokuo is apparently a Scandinavian bakery and it provides a lot of European breads. 

Hokuo, a Scandinavian Bakery in Shinjuku Japan

However, Hokuo also provides my favourite bread, Melon Pan. There are two varieties of the melon pan. One is plain (which I think is the original melon pan) while the other is mixed with chocolate chip.

Melon Pan at Hokuo Bakery Shinjuku Japan

There are other Japanese favorite buns too like the fried curry bun and the maple bread. If you come during spring, some of these bakeries serve limited edition bread like sakura matcha bread.

Breads at Hokuo Bakery Shinjuku Japan

I stick to my original melon pan and yum, it is really good.

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