10D9N Spring Japan Trip: The Many Worlds of Tokyo Disneysea, Japan

The easiest way to have a roundabout tour in Tokyo Disneysea is by taking the voyage boat from Cape Cod fishing village at American Waterfront port-of-call (one of the many themed land in Tokyo Disneysea). As the boat ride can accommodate a lot of people at one go, chances are you don't have to wait for so long to board one.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: The Many Worlds of Tokyo Disneysea, Japan

The voyage starts from American Waterfront to the the next port-of-call, Port Discovery, where the water ride, Aquatopia is located. 

Port of Discovery at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

The next stop is the Lost River Delta, where the calling for adventure can be heard loud and clear (the rides are seriously pumping your hearts).

Lost River Delta at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

And here comes the beautiful Mermaid Lagoon. Under the sea...under the sea...

Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

From the musical and magical world where Ariel lives, we are suddenly welcomed by the submarine belonging to Captain Nemo. 

Mysterious Island at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Suddenly, we are transported into the land of Arabian night. I hope I can catch a magic carpet ride. 

Arabian Port at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Last but not least, we passed by the bustling New York city, which is also the entrance/ exit of Tokyo Disneysea. The famous Miracosta Hotel is also located in this area.

New York City at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

It was such a beautiful voyage. I could say that I really enjoyed the ride so much as all I need to do is sitting inside the boat. =P

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