10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Mickey Churro, Tokyo Disneysea

It is indeed quite a problem to find food in Disneysea without having to queue. We were at the vicinity of Tower of Terror area and we were in pretty much a terror because we were tired and hungry and there were no food in sight. 

Tower of Terror at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

United States Steamship Co. does not say that it sells food. Wait, it does sell food but it houses a buffet restaurant. While we were indeed hungry, eating a buffet will consume a lot of time and we did not feel like wasting so much time to eat. 

United States Steamship Co at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

While we were looking around, Marie suddenly appeared. Hmm, what do you mean you don't know Marie?

Meet and greet with Marie at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Well, to be honest with you, I was quite surprised to know that Marie, the white-furred kitten from Disney movie Aristocats, is pretty famous in Japan. She's so busy saying hi to a lot of people and she was being followed by a group of Japanese fangirls. Wow, Marie, wow!

Marie at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

While we were amazed at Marie, we saw a popcorn cart. Oh yeay, Duffy saved the day with its Milk Tea Popcorn. So if you want to eat Milk Tea Popcorn, go make your way to the popcorn cart near Tower of Terror. 

Duffy Milk Tea Popcorn at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Just a few steps from the pop corn cart, we spotted another cart. Initially, we thought that this cart sells ice cream because well the cart kinda looks like an ice cream container.

Mickey Churros Carts in Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Turns out the cart sells churros and they are shaped like Mickey Mouse's head and hence, the name Mickey Churro. It seems that there are more than one churros cart inside Tokyo Disneysea because this one specifically sells cinnamon churro.

Mickey Churro in Cinnamon Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Ta-dah, here comes my Mickey churro. Nom-nom-nom. Taste pretty good especially when you are hungry. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Mickey Churro, Tokyo Disneysea

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