10D9N Spring Japan Trip: New York Harbor, Tokyo Disneysea

If you often visit theme parks, you will notice that they start to look more or less the same in one way or another. For instance, there is a New York area in both Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneysea. Even though both theme parks interpret "New York" in a slightly different way. New York is portrayed in Tokyo Disneysea as part of American Waterfront port-of-call. The first section of American Waterfront is actually the fishing village of Cape Cod. 

Fishing village of Cape Cod Tokyo Disneysea Japan

There is a bridge separating the fishing village and the second part of American Waterfront which features New York Harbor and New York city (in a vintage design). The Tower of Terror is one of the iconic building in New York area of Tokyo Disneysea. 

Tower of Terror and Fishing Village of Cape Cod Tokyo Disneysea

Crossing the bridge where the New York Harbor is located on the right side of the bridge. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: New York Harbor, Tokyo Disneysea

At the New York Harbor, the gigantic ship, SS Columbia is docked peacefully. There is a show inside SS Columbia named Turtle Talk whereby Crush from Finding Nemo will bring visitors to look through an underwater window. Crush can only speak in Japanese though at Tokyo Disneysea. XD

SS Columbia at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Other than the Turtle Talk, there is nothing much you can do at SS Columbia. Well, I guess you can also take picture with the ship. 

You can also view Mount Prometheus here. If you wait for a while, the mountain will start spewing out smoke. 

Mount Prometheus at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Just like this...

American Waterfront at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

You can catch up a music performance at the plaza beside SS Columbia if you know the timing. The music performance seems pretty fun even though we only managed to see the ending part. XD

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