10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Voyage Boat Ride, Tokyo Disneysea

When you are tired, you just feel like taking a nice comfortable ride at a theme park. Sometimes, the most tiring activity to do in a theme park is queueing and well, if you visit Tokyo Disneysea, you can't escape from queuing. Anyway, we have reached the point in our adventure when we were tired. We were wandering around the New York area of Tokyo Disneysea...

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Voyage Boat Ride, Tokyo Disneysea

...when we see a queue which we initially thought was for Duffy store. But the queue turns out to be for a boat ride around main themed areas Tokyo Disneysea named Voyage Boat Ride. 

Queue for voyage boat ride at Tokyo Disneysea

We figured that the queue would move pretty fast because by right a boat should be able to cater at least more than 10 people at one time.

Inside the queue of voyage boat ride at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

While queuing we took our time to check out the decoration surrounding us. It kinda makes us feel that we are in a bait shop and we queue for fishing trip. 

American Waterfront house at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Turns out the boat is big enough to cater more than 20 people. Phew, we were super grateful knowing that we did not have to queue for hours to ride the boat.

Voyage Boat Ride at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Let the voyage starts. Tut-tut!

Leaving for a voyage trip at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

First stop, the bridge to New York where Tower of Terror is located. 

New York scenery at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Don't you feel like singing Bare Necessities when you are on board of the boat with this kind of view? Forget about your worries and your strife~~~~

Cape Cod at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

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