10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to New York at Tokyo Disneysea, Japan

The New York area of Tokyo Disneysea...at one glance, it seems like a place where you can take a leisure walk looking at all those vintage Broadway-ish buildings in the surrounding.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Welcome to New York at Tokyo Disneysea, Japan

You can also spot this Gothic hotel named Hotel Hightower which is also the starting point of the queue line for Tower of Terror. If you a line is formed here, that's pretty much means you are kinda doomed (even before you take the ride) because that means you have to queue for at least three hours. Sucks.

Hotel Hightower Tower of Terror Tokyo Disneysea Japan

So yeah, anyway, we wanted to do something more relaxing here. In other words, an attraction that lets us sit throughout the ride. That's where we noted that there is a Broadway-themed show, the Big Band Beat, which is shown in the Broadway Music Theatre. The problem is...you need to get yourself a reserved ticket for an access to the show.

Broadway Music Theatre at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

And in order to secure the reserved ticket, you need to go to the neighbouring building and test your luck at some lottery machine. If you are lucky, you will get yourself a reserved ticket to watch Big Band Beat.

Mickey's Broadway Show at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

If lady luck does not smile on you that day, you will see this notification box at the monitor of the lottery ticket. Bummer, I seriously started to get irritated by Tokyo Disneysea at this point in time, to be honest with you. XD

Lottery Machine for Big Band Beat at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Even Cruella de Vil said that the machines are really ridiculous (okay, I was kidding, she did not say anything because she's busy shooing people). I wonder if the characters in Disneyland or Disneysea are expected to act like the characters that they are portraying. Hmm, I guess that should be the case. If not, Cruella de Vil will not be that bad towards visitors. Hahaha.

Cruella de Vil at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

Well, if you are in the same situation as us, do not fret because after all if you are willing, they will be a way. Right in front of Broadway Music Theatre, there is an area dedicated for visitors who are willing to queue for the remaining available seats which are given to first-come-first-served customers. Yup, the lottery machines are set not to give out all seats in the theatre so they are bound to be some available seats to be allocated to the less-lucky visitors.

American Broadway at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

You just need to wait for 2 hours plus (in our case) and you can get yourselves in the theatre. The musical was quite nice but we were pretty tired to keep our eyes opened throughout the show. I admitted I slept in some parts of the show. Too tired.

Big Band Beat Show at Tokyo Disneysea Japan

I guess if you really want to catch this show without queueing like us, you should come early in the morning to try the lottery because there are more tickets to allocate earlier during the day. I suppose.

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