Jakarta Foodie: Depot 369 Shanghai Dumpling and Noodle

10 minutes to 10PM on a weekday night and here I am, munching chips which I brought from my hometown happily. I really love this chips named Chitato which I bought in supermarket in my hometown, Jakarta. You should give it a try if you see one.

Oh wait, but that's not what this post is talking about. I wanna shared about my experience eating green noodle which turns out not made from green tea after all. It was 8PM on a Saturday evening (yeah, my brother loves to go dining out at this timing because everywhere is crowded at 7PM) ad we did not know where to eat so our mum suggested to eat at Depot 369 Shanghai Dumpling and Noodle, which has a branch near where we reside. The restaurant have red and green dumpling and that kinda amazes me so I ordered the green one which colouring supposedly comes from spinach. Aesthetically, the green noodle looks so pretty.

Jakarta Foodie: Depot 369 Shanghai Dumpling and Noodle

But how about the taste? I kinda like the taste of the green noodle to be honest with you. The taste goes well with the minced pork and I really hope this noodle is healthier than the usual egg noodle (yellow colour noodle). 

Since we had consumed a supposedly healthy dinner, we continued our journey that night to eat one of the traditional Indonesian dessert, iced cendol. If I can describe what is "cendol" in simple terms, I would say that it's a dessert made from green rice flour which is shaped like green jelly mixed together with sugar and coconut milk. Don't forget the ice cubes.

iced cendol indonesian dessert

Just talking about iced cendol makes me want to have this dessert again, really. 

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