Jakarta Foodie: Paradise Dynasty, Central Park

Good morning peeps! Hope all of us have a great beginning of this lovely Sunday. I love Sunday morning because there are still half a day left before the Monday blues come haunting me again. I just need to go up pretty early to catch the earliest Sunday service today because the rest of the day is pretty much filled. And do you know what's the best thing to do after you have fed your soul from the Sunday sermon? It's to fill your body (after all, your body is a temple) with yummy food. When I was in Jakarta, my mother and I have a habit of immediately hunting for good food after church service because after all, the church is inside a shopping mall named Central Park. This particular Sunday, we went to Paradise Dynasty to have our brunch, Shanghainese style.

Say hello to the lovely xiao long baos. Paradise Dynasty's xiao long bao are quite yummy, and I have to say on-par with Din Tai Fung's version.  

Jakarta Foodie: Paradise Dynasty, Central Park

In addition to the main star, we ordered a plate of fried vegetable spring rolls. Their spring rolls are decent but not really fantastic, unlike their xiao long bao. 

Paradise Dynasty Vegetable Spring Rolls

The last but not least dish is very cute in appearance. They are the three little mantou penguins. These penguins are filled with green bean paste. Cute and tasty goes hand-in-hand in this dish. =P

Paradise Dynasty Penguin Mantou

Paradise Dynasty's address:

Central Park outlet
Jakarta Central Park
Level LG unit 139 - 140
Jl Let Jend S Parman Kav 28

Trading hours:

10AM - 10PM daily

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