Memories of Hungary, Budapest

When I first saw the words "Memories of Hungary", I thought this building houses a museum. Turns out I was wrong. Memories of Hungary refers to a big Hungarian souvenir shop. They have a lot of branches in Budapest but we visited the one situated on the street nearby St Stephen's Basilica.

Memories of Hungary, Budapest

Memories of Hungary has a vast collection of products which tells visitors a story about Hungarian culture. The products sold here are related to traditional culture and folk customs of the Hungarian. 

Memory of Budapest Bazilika Hungary

To be honest with you, the shop is pretty fun to browse and you can't help but buying a few stuffs here because well, Memories of Hungary offers a lot of interesting products. Is anyone going for a mask ball?

Masks inside Memories of Hungary Budapest

The wooden doll looks pretty similar to the ones that the Russian has. They come in various sizes too. 

Wooden dolls inside Memories of Hungary Budapest

You can also find home accessories here. I would buy this if I stay in my own house. Unfortunately, my house belongs to the landlord as I am a mere tenant in Singapore. =(

Home accessories at Memories of Budapest Hungary

I have never known that Hungary is famous for its pepper ground (re: Paprika). We tend to call them chili flakes in Singapore, I guess. Paprika is basically a powder made from grinding the pods of various kind of peppers. In addition, it is considered the national spice of Hungary. 

Hungarian Paprika at Memories of Hungary in Budapest

There are eight grades of Hungarian paprika which is differentiated by the level of smell and spiciness. The spice will make a good souvenir to bring back to your family (especially if there is a chef in the family). 

Hungarian Pepper at Memories of Budapest Hungary

For complete list of Memories of Hungary's location, please see here

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